Nintendo Switch Battery Repair Kit

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Quality tools & parts for the repair of a Nintendo Switch battery.

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This toolkit was developed specifically for solving a Nintendo Switch with a defective battery. Our technicians fix this problem on a regular basis, and these are the tools we use every day in our repair shop. With this repairkit we eliminated the major cost of this type of repair, being labor hours, and created an addition solution next to buy a new device or having the repair done by us. We wanted to make something that provided qualitative tools and parts without a lot of extras that you’ll never use.

Make sure it is not a problem with the chargeport, this is best done in our repairshop.

This toolkit includes:

  1. 1 Driver
  2. 2 bits (These bits will remove any screw out of the Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Joycon)
  3. 2 Plastic Plectrums (These are used to open the Nintendo Switch casing)
  4. 1 Spudger (This tool is used to unlock locking tabs and other ribbon cable connectors and to pull out the battery)
  5. 1 Tweezer (We use tweezers to help line up ribbon cables and push them into their connectors)
  6. 1 OEM Battery replacement (This an Orignal Equipment Manufacturer replacement part for your Nintendo Switch)


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